SEO or search engine optimisation is no longer just about keywords, it’s much more than that. Our specialist search team are highly experienced in designing and executing effective SEO strategies that impact your entire sales cycle.

We believe that optimizing owned media through SEO is the solid base upon which all media campaigns should be built. Typically less than 12% of people will go beyond page one of the Google search results so if you are not listed there, you are practically invisible to your target audience.

While traditional SEO was keyword & search engine focussed, recent algorithm updates has placed practically all of the importance on the user experience. We help our clients reach the #1 positions in Google organic search results through technical website optimisation but mainly through advising on outstanding CONTENT. Without great content, websites’ will struggle to get anywhere in Google.

Get in touch with our search team today and we will deliver an SEO solution that actually delivers. All campaigns are managed forensically and with analytical data so you can see a clear return on investment from your SEO budget.



PPC or pay per click advertising is the low hanging fruit in any media campaign – you are targeting people who are actively seeking your product or service in Google. The primary benefits of PPC are:

  • You can bid on any keyword and get your ad to the very top of Google quickly.
  • It is a cost per click platform – so no click, no cost! So if managed effectively there should be practically 0% wastage of your budget.
  • The success of your PPC budget is not completely dependent on the size of your budget. While larger advertisers can invest huge budgets, smaller ones can compete on quality. We place a huge focus on delivering quality campaigns that minimises costs.

Initiative is a certified Google Adwords Partner and our search team are qualified in Google Adwords & Google Analytics. We provide tailored solutions to match the needs of all of our clients.

Our extensive client roster varies from local indigenous Irish companies right up to Fortune 500 companies. If managed correctly, Google Adwords can be your most effective marketing channel as you can see a clear return on investment for every euro you spend.

If you are unhappy with your current Adwords management and would like to get more ‘bang for your buck’, we provide a free Google Adwords audit service which will show you how we can earn you significant savings.



Many brands invest a lot of budget and resources in creating content for their social channels. But do your customers even see your efforts? And do they care?

Our Social team provides the data, the software tools and expert counsel to take the guesswork out of finding and maintaining client/consumer relevance.

We can tell you what your customers care about: our annual Wave social research tool is the world’s largest and longest-running research study on the planet, providing drill-down data on social behaviours by country, market and platform.

Our Performly social media ROI platform helps our clients measure content relevance in terms of currency. And our expert counsel helps you to do social better – across audience intelligence, strategic counsel, social campaigns & creative, paid social advertising, community management, and advocacy programmes.

Contact our Social team today to learn more about why social media matters and how to utilise it most effectively to drive business for your brand.



Buying Display, Video and Mobile ads has never been more efficient.

We can now centralise and automatise the buying of digital ads across multiple mediums. We can now mix Premium and RTB inventory while adding data layers too. Monitoring the frequency across multiple sources is now a thing of the past too!

We have partnered with the latest technology providers across the globe to use the most advanced platform, the most precise user data. Combining this with a direct relationship with all the top Irish and International websites and we offer an unparalleled experience in Branding and Performance.

We treat each campaign like a unique challenge. We organise a selection of top relevance targeting and channels just like a chef would provide his customer with a menu of delicious treats. Each campaign is also designed to evolve: we like to reduce the wastage and boost the performance.

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